Evolve, Explore, Expand


What is ExoPlanets?

ExoPlanets is a space exploration crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The game lets you own an ExoPlanet, evolve life on it to the point of space exploration capabilities and expand to smaller resource planets across the galaxy. All in awesome and beautiful 3D graphics.

ExoPlanets Are Rare

The ExoPlanets database is built using actual data from NASA on the current known planets outside of our solar system, and there are only 3700 confirmed ExoPlanets at the moment. This means that the whole game will contain up to 3700 ExoPlanets that players can own and play with, making them a very rare asset due to their low quantity. Each ExoPlanet will also contain different graphics and amazing features that will make it unique.

Game Features

ExoPlanets will introduce some new and unseen before features in the crypto games industry, like CryptoMatchingâ„¢, Which will match your ExoPlanet to one of the crypto currencies on CoinMarketCap.com and will directly affect on how your ExoPlanet performs in the game! Read our full gameplay section for more.