ExoPlanets is a blockchain  based game that allows you to own, collect, sell and play with scientifically accurate planets outside of our solar system, and earn GUP tokens when playing.


The goal of the game is evolve life on your Exoplanet and send out spaceships to smaller planets in order to mine resources and take over as many tokens in the galaxy as possible.


Each ExoPlanet is an ERC721 token that is written on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that if you own one, the ownership is true and no one can take it away from you.  The planets are represented with beautiful interactive 3D models and have several stats: Scientific name, life rate, CryptoMatch and an official NASA confirmation form.


GUP is the in-game currency of ExoPlanets with a max supply of 100m GUP. Players will get GUP with their planets and by mining resources throughout the galaxy, and will be able to use them to perform actions in the game and outside the game as well, since GUP is a standardized ERC20 tokens and available in exchanges.


Our CryptoMatch mechanism will link every ExoPlanet to one of CoinMarketCap’s top 50 cryptocurrencies. The real live crypto market will affect your ExoPlanet’s evolution rate and other aspects of your game!


ExoPlanets evolve every day with their life rate and CryptoMatch, from a barren rock to a thriving habitable planet with intelligent life on it. Evolution is greatly affected by the volatility of the live crypto market, so choose your CryptoMatch!


Join the educational and fun experience of ExoPlanets by exploring our galaxy, checking the scientific info and official NASA forms of every planet in the game. There are some really crazy planets out there with amazing environments, orbit and other interesting data!


Once your ExoPlanet is fully evolved and has sufficient intelligent life on it, you will be able to send out spaceships to explore the galaxy, land on smaller planets to mine resources and GUP to further your galactic expansion.


NASA’s database currently contains approximately 4000 confirmed exoplanets, and since our game is scientifically accurate, that is the total number of exoplanets the game will ever have, which will make them very rare and scarce as time progresses. The planets’ value is also affected by their life rate, CryptoMatch, evolution level, GUP bonus and their beautiful 3D model graphics. 


To get your first ExoPlanet visit our galactic market and pick the one that fits you best! Remember – life rate and CryptoMatch are very important, so make a strategic decision.


Need to know more about the game in details? Want to find out how does CryptoMatching works? Play now and dive into the game’s mechanics.


Want to see and learn more about ExoPlanets and our galaxy? check out the galaxy page where you can view all of the planets currently in the game, with all their scientific info.


You are now on the Ethereum blockchain


You can play ExoPlanets on both the Ethereum and Thundercore blockchains. Currently you are playing in the Ethereum version. If you’d like to play the Thundercore version, you need to switch to the Thundercore blockchain in your Metamask or wallet app. Learn how here: https://faucet.thundercore.com