ExoPlanets FAQ

General Crypto Games Questions:

A: A crypto game is a game that utilizes and runs on Blockchain technology and uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether for various reasons and advantages, like decentralization and true ownership of the game’s assets by the players, like ERC721 and ERC20 tokens.

A: ERC’s are different kind of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and each have different uses and qualities. ERC721 is a token standard that is used to represent an asset. ERC721 is usually unique and can’t be more than 1 of each kind. For example, in ExoPlanets, each ExoPlanet is an ERC721 token, and each is different than the other since they all have different attributes, qualities, variables and even graphics. The advantage of it being a token is that when players buy an ERC721 token, they own it. The token is associated with their Ethereum account for good. We as game developers cannot touch, manipulate, delete, confiscate or tamper with an ERC721 token that a player bought from our game since it’s his and in his possession, unlike regular games where the game developers can do whatever they want with your digitally purchased goods.

ERC20 is a token standard that acts like a currency in most cases and have many uses. In crypto games, ERC20 tokens are usually used as an in-game currency, like the games you have on your smartphone that requires you to buy gems or gold, just so you can use it to buy in-game assets, content or boosts. The difference is that ERC20 tokens usually have real life value and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or money in exchanges. Therefor they have real value, which is influenced by supply and demand like any other currency on the market.

A: In order to play crypto games, you must have an Ether wallet that supports Web3. If you are on a mobile phone, you can use any Ether wallet app that has a built in browser like Trust wallet, Cipher, Coinbase wallet etc. 

If you’re on a PC, you need Metamask installed

Metamask is a browser addon and can be installed on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave browsers. You can get it here: https://metamask.io/

Metamask will create an Ethereum wallet for you where you will be able to store Ether coins and any other ERC-20 token. Once you have Metamask installed and get a wallet address, you can buy Ether from exchanges or other services that sell Ether. The Ether will be used for in game actions like buying and selling ExoPlanets, and paying for gas, which is what makes the Ethereum blockchain tick and process your game actions. 

Once you have Ether in your wallet, you are good to go and start playing ExoPlanets!
If you want to learn the game before starting to play, please read our Gameplay page.

ExoPlanets Related Questions:

A: We want to create a scientifically accurate game, which limits us to around 3700 ExoPlanets, at this time of writing, since this is the number of confirmed known ExoPlanets to humanity. You can read more on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exoplanet

A: That varies and depends on 2 factors: The life rate and the CryptoMatch of an ExoPlanet. The life rate is a constant percentage that you can see on each ExoPlanet in the marketplace. The CryptoMatch is a coin from CoinMarketCap’s top 50 that is bound to your ExoPlanet and matches its performance from the real life crypto market to your ExoPlanets life rate. Read the Gameplay section for more info.

A: Yes, this is the first game (that we know of) that allows you to mine tokens just by playing and having to prove you mined them with our Proof-Of-Gaming system. We have several algorithms and mechanisms to make the game last as long as possible, even though only 150 million ExoTokens will be mintable through the game’s ecosystem. It will take a long while to deplete it because we have implemented measures like rewards halving on certain milestones. If and when there are no more ExoTokens to mine, we have several options in mind to keep the game going, like purchase ExoTokens from players and put them back in the game’s ecosystem.

-ExoPlanets: 0xb12E260275BcD28E6f8820666Ba02C67c9600843

-ExoTokens: 0xaf3b6Cf6B25740Af51cfebcaaD5bAE2cA12856f0

-Mining: 0x4e6a6BEec092f87a54Ff9DccA561313833D3245E

If you have anymore questions feel free to join our Discord or Telegram groups and ask away.
If you wish to contact the team directly, please email us at [email protected]

You are now on the Ethereum blockchain


You can play ExoPlanets on both the Ethereum and Thundercore blockchains. Currently you are playing in the Ethereum version. If you’d like to play the Thundercore version, you need to switch to the Thundercore blockchain in your Metamask or wallet app. Learn how here: https://faucet.thundercore.com