Exploring the galaxy has never been more interesting, fun and rewarding! The goal of the game is to get an ExoPlanet, evolve life on it to the point of space exploration capabilities and take control of as many resource planets as possible. The players with the most resource planets on the galaxy game board will win a prize pool.


Owning and evolving your ExoPlanet
Exploring the galaxy and taking control of smaller resource planets
Earning, mining and using ExoTokens to advance further and faster in the game

Owning And Evolving Your ExoPlanet


Once you own an ExoPlanet, it will start to evolve life on it so that you will be able to start your quest of space exploration and conquest throughout the galaxy! Every ExoPlanet will have 7 evolutionary levels to advance before you can explore the galaxy;



3. SINGLE CELL evolution






Every ExoPlanet will always start at level 1, and the speed in which it evolves will be determined by a “Life Rate”. The higher the life rate of an ExoPlanet, the more valuable it is. The life rate of an ExoPlanet will also be affected by our new and unseen before feature: CryptoMatch™

CryptoMatch is an in-game mechanism that will match an actual cryptocurrency from one of the top 50 coins on CoinMarketCap to your ExoPlanet, and will affect your ExoPlanet’s life rate positively or negatively, depending on how your CryptoMatch coin is performing on the real live crypto market! 

For example, if your ExoPlanet is CryptoMatched with Bitcoin and Bitcoin gains +7% in value, your ExoPlanet’s life rate will also gain an additional +7% boost. However, if your CryptoMatched coin performs negatively and loses in value, the life rate on your ExoPlanets will be affected negatively. CryptoMatch will also generate ExoTokens for you passively! For every +1% your CryptoMatched coin rises in value, you will earn 1 ExoToken. ExoTokens will drive the entire game’s ecosystem and you will need them to advance further in the game. 

So choose your preferred CryptoMatched ExoPlanet wisely!

Explore the galaxy and take control of smaller resource planets

Upon reaching the space technology age, your ExoPlanet will allow you to send out exploration ships to other resource planets and galaxies. Sending exploration ships takes time and costs ExoTokens, therefore taking over a majority of the galaxy is require some work! 

Choosing to explore planets that are really far from you will take longer and cost more ExoTokens, but the rewards might be greater and well worth the risk! 

Every resource planet has a 70% chance to contain a mineable resource. The resources (that actually exist on real planets, check wikipedia!) are:

  • Rock Minerals
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Titanium

By that exact order, each one of the resources is rarer and more valuable than the previous one. Landing on a resource planet will reveal it’s available resource and will allow you to start mining using our Proof-Of-Gaming™ mechanism. Mining resources is a mini game in which you will search around the surface of the planet for resources and actually mine them. You must log in to the game once a day and mine resources from the resource planets you landed on. When you are done mining, the resources will be converted to ExoTokens for you to collect. By mining resources daily you are proving that you are playing actively and working hard towards galactic domination. That is our Proof-Of-Gaming mechanism for balancing the game and its mining engine.

Another way to generate ExoTokens is to claim a resource planet. Claiming resource planets is done by planting a flag on their surface.
By planting a flag you declare that resource planet to be yours for a predetermined amount of time and it will generate 2 ExoTokens per hour for you. 
There are several different flags to choose from, each one has different values and bonuses: 

1. Grey flag — The basic flag that all players have by default. Planting it on a resource planet will claim the planet for 12 hours or until another player replaces it with their own flag.
2. Purple flag — Costs 24 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 1 day + gives you 10% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
3. Green flag — Costs 72 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 3 days + gives you 12% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
4. Blue flag — Costs 168 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 7 days + gives you 15% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.

If a you land on a claimed resource planet that has any flag other than the grey flag, you have two options: Mine the resources on it (if they haven’t been mined yet) and pay tribute from your mining rewards to the current owner, or replace the current flag by paying its owner the full value of the flag in order to remove it and then plant your own flag.

If a resource planet is claimed with a grey flag, you can just kick that flag right out and put yours instead! Are you ready to fight for your flag? 😀

Claiming resource planets with flags can be very rewarding — you generate 2 ExoTokens per hour, you get tribute if other players mine the resources on the planet, and as if that’s not enough, you might get your flag’s worth back if another player will pay to remove it and plant his own flag. Win win win.

There are also 2 special flags that are available only for TGE (Tokens Generation Event) participators and contributors; A silver flag and a gold flag.

Silver flag — Costs 720 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 30 days + gives you 17% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
Gold flag — Costs 2160 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 90 days + gives you 20% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.

These two flags are special both in their long period of claiming time and in the high tribute they will grant the owner, but they also have one other advantage that is essential for TGE participators; You can put them on any resource planet in the galaxy without having to land a spaceship on it or even own an ExoPlanet. Don’t have time for evolution or space exploration? — just choose a resource planet in the galaxy map, teleport to it’s surface and plant that flag!


ExoTokens - Ecosystem, Earning, mining and more

ExoTokens are ERC20 tokens that will be usable in ExoPlanets as an in-game currency. There will be a finite amount of 175,000,000 ExoTokens ever. 

Players will be able to accumulate ExoTokens by: 

1. Earning ExoTokens from their ExoPlanet’s CryptoMatch performance.
2. Mine ExoTokens from resource planets with our Proof-Of-Gaming mechanism and claiming resource planets with flags.
3. Buying ExoTokens directly from other players via exchanges. 

Several algorithms will take place in order to prevent big players from taking over the game and mine a big portion of the ExoTokens. The game’s ecosystem is built to last a long time, even though there is a finite amount of ExoTokens to be mined, using concepts from real crypto mining like halving the rewards after certain milestones and so on. 

ExoTokens will be used for: 

• Evolving your ExoPlanets faster.

• Launching exploration ships, reducing the travel time, buying and selling flags and more.

• In future releases – Special spaceships, powerups and more.


You are now on the Ethereum blockchain


You can play ExoPlanets on both the Ethereum and Thundercore blockchains. Currently you are playing in the Ethereum version. If you’d like to play the Thundercore version, you need to switch to the Thundercore blockchain in your Metamask or wallet app. Learn how here: